White Tea is the Best Tea for Weight Loss

There is no doubt that tea can help people lose weight. As part of a healthy eating plan, tea can aid in the elimination of waste. There is however one tea that is the best type of tea for weight loss.

White tea, while expensive, is undoubtedly great for weight loss. White tea actually helps to speed up the metabolism. This is beneficial for people that have a slower thyroid, but it is not under active enough to be put on medication.

Also, white tea is a diuretic that will prompt the body to eliminate fluid. It is also a colon cleanser that serves to help with getting rid of all the waste in the body.

This tea is recommended all day long because it has a lower caffeine count. It will help with satiating the appetite at the end of a meal. Drink this tea for weight loss and it’s pleasant, slightly citrus, taste.